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Carbon Dioxide Co2 Detector Infrared Sensor Co2 Meter Detecting Tool LCD Display PPM Meters Indoor Gas Air Quality Monitor Analyzer Data Logger USB/Battery Power (External Non-Conductive Data)


  • Carbon Dioxide detector adopt non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor, ensure reliability and long-term stability.
  • 3.2" TFT full color display Co2 Meter, real time CO2 monitoring by the precision sensor, and it will alarm you once the CO2 exceed the setting value, data logger stores up to 999 groups of data, Time interval can be set.
  • This Carbon Dioxide Detector Co2 Measuring range 0-9999ppm, Accuracy ±40PPM±rdg10%, Temperature Measurement Range: -20~60℃ (-4~140℉),Accuracy: ±1℃ (±2℉),Humidity Measurement Range: 0~100%RH, Accuracy: ±2%RH
  • Co2 sensor air quality monitor equipped with Built-in 2200mAhli-ion rechargeable battery, the performance is more stable and can continuous work at >9 hours when full charged, Also equipped a 5V USB cable .
  • Co2 PPM Meters Passed the CE mark and approved the European Health and Safety Directive

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