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Pipe Inspection Camera, BestWill 20M/65ft Drain Sewer Industrial Endoscope Waterproof IP68 Video Plumbing System with 7 Inch LCD Monitor 1000TVL DVR Recorder Snake Video Camera (Include 8GB SD Card)


  • PIPE INSPECTION CAMPERA: Instead of paying a high price for rent equipment or employ plumber, easy to know what's wrong with the sewer tunnels by using the pipe camera; Drain camera can be used under floors, inside walls, attics, gutters and roof eves and can even be used to view mold and water damage. Widely used for piping, wells, chimneys, power plants, inspecting water and sewer lines, drains HVAC duct work, tanks, general building inspection and more.
  • LONG TIME BATTERY LIFE - BestWill Professional Drain Pipe & Sewer Pipeline Inspection Camera is designed by a 7-inch Color TFT LCD DVR with a sun visor for outdoor inspections, 12V 4500mAh Li-on battery included supports 6 hours of continuous use and can be recharged from a power source, external battery. It is very convenient to used it outside without the power supply.
  • IP68 WATERPROOF CAMERA - With a camera-tipped probe and the 7" LCD monitor, easily view live video and save video clips and photos, especially of those hard-to-reach places that may not be easily visible; Waterproof stainless steel camera housing with flexible spring to easily go through the pipes. Also the 1000TVL endoscope inspection camera guarantee its super brightness and clear video recording performance.
  • STEEL HOUSING - This Pipe Inspection Camera measures 0.9inch (23mm x 120mm) with waterproof stainless steel housing. It is suitable for pipes at 1 - 8 inch (25 - 200mm), camera with super flexible spring at length of 4.7-inch/120mm, easily go through 90° bend pipes at 45mm (2-inches)
  • PORTABLE CARRY CASE - Heavy duty padded aluminum case stores all contents, convenient to carry around; The box locks and comes with key for whether you want to keep other people from stealing it or even just keep your kids from playing with it.

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